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Journal topic SE. Author Title Abstract Full text. User ID. Journal metrics Journal metrics IF 2. The following lists the final revised papers grouped in their volumes and issues. Their corresponding discussion papers and discussion comments are shown alongside the articles. We infer that break offs are likely to have happened all around the Alpine arc, but timing, exact location and interaction between European and Adriatic plate still difficult to assess. We highlight the value of integrating different tomographic methods to obtain a more complete picture of the deep structures.

Understanding the anatomy of the magma plumbing systems in active volcanic settings is essential for the understanding of the heat source s feeding geothermal systems. Inverse thermobarometry based on mineral-melt equilibria has been applied to Quaternary volcanic products of the Los Humeros geothermal field Mexico. Results point to a magmatic system made of multiple and polybaric magma storage layers, with significant implication on structure and longevity of the geothermal reservoir.

Giant assemblages of hot and cold rocks in deep Earth dynamically change the elevation of continents and bathymetry of oceans. Predicted amplitudes of those motions are notably higher than observations. Our models suggest that this can be related to oversimplification of viscosities of rocks i. We propose a new exploration of the concept of spontaneous lithospheric collapse at a transform fault TF , by performing a large study of conditions allowing instability of the thicker plate using 2D thermo-mechanical simulations.

Spontaneous subduction is modelled only if extreme mechanical conditions are assumed. We conclude that spontaneous collapse of the thick OP at a TF evolving into mature subduction is an unlikely process of subduction initiation at modern Earth conditions.

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Revised manuscript not accepted discussion: closed, 5 comments. Regularization is indispensable in regional gravity field modelling. In this paper, we propose two new approaches for the regularization parameter determination, which combine the L-curve method and variance component estimation VCE. The performance of each method is studied for combining heterogeneous observations using spherical radial basis functions.

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The results show that our newly proposed methods are decent and stable for regularization parameter determination. Based on own and published age data, we can infer tectonic pulses along-strike the entire northern rim of the Central Alps between 12—4 million years. Publication in SE not foreseen discussion: closed, 2 comments. This information was essential to design urban masterplan able to mitigate the Seismic Hazard of cultural heritage cities of central Italy, such as the case study site.

We studied petrophysical characteristics of three consecutive sandstone layers of the Lower Cretaceous Hatira Formation from Israel. Evaluated micro- and macro-scale petrophysical properties predetermined the permeability of the layers, measured in turn in the lab and upscaled from pore-scale velocities. Christian A. Revised manuscript under review for SE discussion: final response, 6 comments. We provide an extensive comparison of high-resolution subsurface models of the Alpine subduction zone.

The imaged slab geometries are discussed in relation to the geodynamic evolution of the Alpine region. In the eastern Alps, we compare the models to three scenarios from the literature and propose a fourth one which best fits the tomographic images and the geological constraints. We find that the European slab is broken off below the entire Alpine arc, at variable depth levels. Hugo K. Reddy, and R. Revised manuscript not accepted discussion: closed, 6 comments.

Publication in SE not foreseen discussion: closed, 6 comments. This research might be the first time to study the topographic changes due to strong earthquakes in region of low relief. We use high-resolution pre- and post-earthquake DEMs to detect the topographic changes caused by the Wenchuan earthquake. However, the topographic changes caused by the Chuetsu earthquake is different. Our findings might indicate that the earthquake mainly acts as roughening and driving the topographic growth in region of low relief.

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This paper impacts on knowledge of plate margin deformation and microplate fragmentation in the Central Mediterranean. Seismicity and seismogenic stress, with other geophysical and geological data, deny active rifting in the Sicily Channel and reveal strain distributions in the western Ionian contrasting with models assuming a rigid Apulian-Ionian-Hyblean microplate. We highlight that current oversimplification of lithosphere rheology prevents from appropriate regional geodynamic modeling.

We consider a model of a fault containing two regions asperities whose slip is associated with earthquakes on the fault. The stress field generated by seismic events is relaxed in the following post-seismic interval, due to the properties of rocks in the upper mantle.

The sequence of asperity slips in an earthquake is controlled by several elements of the model, e. Revised manuscript not accepted discussion: closed, 7 comments. Geosystemics studies the Earth system as a whole, focusing on the possible coupling among the Earth layers, and using universal entropic tools. In this paper, earthquakes are considered as a long term chain of processes involving the coupling of the solid earth with the above neutral and ionized atmosphere, and finally culminating with the main rupture along the fault of concern.

Some case studies are presented. The global anthropogenic activities led to heavy metals pollution.

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Conventional technologies are too expensive, laborious and results in secondary pollution. The green technology like phytoremediation is environmental friendly and economical. The uptake by phytoremediation can be more effective by exploring hyperaccumulators, expanding phytomining and molecular studies. This review is part of compiling the published work on the successful trials of phytoremediation and its economic benefits.

Revised manuscript not accepted discussion: closed, 8 comments. This paper clarifies the dialectical relationship between oasification and desertification in arid regions, and it also elucidates the significance of oasification research in Northwest China.

Furthermore, the study points out the key point in the oasification research.

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The study was conducted in an oil palm plantation in Malaysia and it seeks to understand why Oil palm performs better on the majority of Malaysian soil and perhaps the tropical environment at large despite the inherently low nutrient capacity of the soils. The study shows how tropical soils are formed and the condition under which they exist in and the criteria to select a suitable soil for Oil palm cultivation.

Advances in Geosciences Volume 29 Hydrological Sciences HS

The study emphasizes adequate management as a means of improving Oil palm yield. Publication in SE not foreseen discussion: closed, 4 comments. This paper touches upon two fundamental issues in Earth sciences. The first one is an inherent non-uniqueness of modeling results, along with profound difficulty in estimating their uncertainty.

The second is concerned with the interaction between the convective mantle and plates, which is barely known. We present a successful workflow for studying the bottom of the lithosphere, where the interaction is supposed to occur, mitigating the non-uniqueness and assessing the uncertainty of the result.

Advances in Geosciences Volume 9, Solid Earth, Ocean Science, Atmospheric Science

This paper shows how satellite imagery of volcanic SO 2 plumes can be used to reveal subsurface magmatic processes. We achieved this by developing a new numerical technique based on trajectories simulations applied to SO 2 satellite imagery. Our outcomes are SO 2 plume height and flux time-series at high temporal resolution.

With this technique we investigate SO 2 emissions during the Calbuco eruptions and we suggest the presence of excess SO 2 in the first eruption, but not in the second one. Publication in SE not foreseen discussion: closed, 7 comments. The results showed irrigation with filterated sewage in comparison with that of well water would lead to decrease in acidity, salinity, phosphorus, nitrogen and heavy metals.

In this study, plausible 3D geometry of the intrusion based on 3D modelling of gravity and magnetic data constrained by petrophysical measurements is given. Publication in SE not foreseen discussion: closed, 8 comments. It is a study of unusual coronary textures formed by zircon in granulitic metapelites, Ivrea-Verbano Zone Northern Italy. Both are found in the same petrological context, so that the difference between two generations is very conspicuous.

Formation of zircon coronas is attributed to the two-stage decomposition of Fe-Ti oxides, a rich source of Zr. The results show that with decreasing risk no trade-off , almost all of the parts of the study area were not suitable for soil fertility. While increasing risk, more area was suitable in terms of soil fertility in the study area. In this paper, we reconstruct the main geological structures and surfaces in three dimensions through the interpolation of regularly spaced 2D seismic sections, constrained by wells data and surface geology of the Qaidam basin to reconstruct Cenozoic tectonic history of the Qaidam basin and decipher how the northeast Tibet was formed.

Revised manuscript not accepted discussion: closed, 3 comments. This study shows the missing visual evidence concerning the theoretical interaction models of the bentonite suspension in the pore space on microscale. The Imaging results have been cross-validated with laboratory experiments and are in good agreement with each other.

In the present paper, the mantle convection is simulated numerically using a temperature dependent non-linear viscoelastic model for the first time. Unlike the previous works which had been investigated the mantle convection using the linear viscoelastic models or simple nonlinear inelastic viscous equations such as power law or cross equations , it is solved via the nonlinear Giesekus constitutive equation. Present study indicates decreasing of effective viscosity flow for larger elastic numbe.

Revised manuscript has not been submitted discussion: closed, 40 comments. Fracking of shale is a controversial industrial process for producing hydrocarbons. The UK shale basins, in contrast to the US basins, are pervaded by through-going geological faults. These will act as pathways for contamination of drinking water resources.

But in the UK the exploration companies are able to ignore this risk because of inadequate regulation. Therefore the alleged success of fracking in the USA cannot be replicated in the UK, despite its promotion by the government. Revised manuscript has not been submitted discussion: closed, 2 comments.