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Look at Me by tishen reviews Chariot wants Croix to look at her, even after all those betrayal. Soft As Cotton by momoxtoshiro reviews Akko and Diana finally have some time alone together. Akko wants to relax, but Diana has a condition: Akko has to correctly cast one spell first. Rekindled by CelticPhoenixProductions reviews Hunger comes in many forms; raw and physical, desperate and emotional. No matter the form, hunger preys on the soul, leaving the spirit emaciated in it's wake. For too long has Mami's heart remained starving and strained for that which would breath into her new life.

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That had been their dream. But not all dreams come true. The Lost Labyrinth by momoxtoshiro reviews One night, Akko quite literally stumbles upon one of Luna Nova's biggest secrets. Will they be able to make it through the labyrinth? Or will they run out of time? Pulse by CelestialFeathers reviews When an accident took her best friend, Aria's, life, Luka's world was filled with endless grief.

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Upon learning that Aria's heart had been donated, all she could feel was rage. Miku was only grateful to have experienced a miracle and survive, with the generosity of her mysterious donor. What she didn't expect, was to meet a girl who appeared to hate her. Together by Toinfinityandbeyond reviews After countless timelines, Madoka and Homura are reunited in a place where they can both be happy.

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Matters Of The Heart by momoxtoshiro reviews A savage attack. Akko's already lost Diana once; she isn't about to lose her again.

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Test Subject One by PK. Atomyst reviews It was a perfect ending. The town had been evacuated before Walpurgis Night, all her friends were saved, and she successfully kept Madoka from making a contract. However, the Japanese government took a particular interest in the girl who predicted a disaster the worlds top scientists were clueless of.

Now, Homura finds herself locked in a research laboratory as Test Subject One.

Star crossed by amal-rukia reviews She didn't ask for your name, because everyone knew chariot the troublemaker, so you ended up asking for hers and she told you. A name that you never knew would hunt you for years. Ella es perfecta para ti by MiriAnzu reviews Kobayashi aun duda de sus sentimientos hacia Tohru, pero despues de pensarlo un poco estos comienzan a aclararse. Pero Kyoko nos necesita. Deberemos unir fuerzas, Moemura. Recuerda que podemos morir.

Coup de coeur by YayaSamuko Life is hard! They learned it the hard way, but still decided to stay close to each other, through joy and sorrow.

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To Diana, it was the door that brought a girl called Akko to the small florist shop that she looked after for her cousin over the school break. Laugh Away by momoxtoshiro reviews Akko has always known Diana works herself too hard. What could be a good way to help her loosen up? I'm the Dinner by tishen reviews Diana's just got home from a hectic work and now she had to deal with her wife's silliness. Her grief soon turns to a despair that consumes her and her clothes and personality take a turn for the worse. Homura learns to help her fellow Puella and they have to adjust to the changes their life has brought.

Lessons Learned by momoxtoshiro reviews When Akko asks Diana to tutor her in the ways of magic, she never expected her to consent. As she knows, magic is incredible, fun, and powerful. But as she'll learn, it can also be difficult, frustrating, and dangerous.

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What you've given me by Umino Saki reviews Akko and Diana are secretly dating each other, but this forces the latter to confront some ugly truths about herself. Small bumps by W-IIV reviews Akko was pregnant and Diana was the happiest person alive, dreaming of a small family private to her and Akko alone. But she learns once again, dreams shatters Based on Azura's comic on tumblr, link inside.

The cover was made by her as well. Kisses For Princesses by momoxtoshiro reviews Naturally, everyone is taken aback, no one more so than Akko. She feels her gut twist and nervously looks to Diana. Her girlfriend appears stricken — Akko can tell that much. With the entire room looking directly at them, Akko can't do much by means of explaining things properly.

But one thing's for sure — the hurt in Diana's eyes is killing her. If Only for a Night by NeonFlower reviews Once a week, they would sneak off to be together for one night.

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Pink Potion by momoxtoshiro reviews Akko is given punishment to clean up a classroom. Of course, it won't go without a hitch, a little broken glass, and being discovered by Diana. Beauty And The Beast by WonderRand reviews The tale of an insignificant maiden whose fate was changed by a rose, and a deformed beast whose eyes were set on the maiden for his selfish desire. Will Miku be able to do that?

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Forgive me for my mistakes. So some chapters might change but I'll let you guys know if it's done. Mostly Negitoro but can contain other ships too. Includes swearing and the like where necessary. Occasional M chapters may happen but they will be labeled. All of them will probably definitely include Luka. No siempre tus planes se van a dar. After Akko and Diana begin to understand each other a little more, Akko longs to pursue a better relationship with Diana. But will Diana want the same? It doesn't seem likely Eso es todo lo que puedo decirte.

Sometimes wishes are always curses and sometimes people are never what they seemed. AT Request fic for Tomoe Mami. Quiet, reserved and introverted, Luka gives off an air of mystery and Miku wants to know all about her. However, factors of life cannot always be ignored, even by a powerful vampire.