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  • Download e-book In Defense of the Outlaws.
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MLL Preview: Outlaws Rebuilding Again on Defense

Barber, Tim. Lett, Collin. Able to detect camouflaged zombies even at level 0, the Outlaw has a DPS of Its long range and high damage make it good for wearing down tough zombies while they are out of range of other towers. The Outlaw is hindered by its low rate of fire; however, there are many towers that can cover up the Outlaw's flaws such as the Rocketer and the Minigunner.

To maximize the use of Outlaw, default to "Strongest" targeting to minimize overkill, especially against zombies that summon minions.

Cosmetic: The Outlaw wields a rifle resembling the Fatal6 from Reason 2 Die , and gains a larger eyepiece. Sign In Don't have an account?

Conclusion - More Than Just Outlaws

Start a Wiki. Description The Outlaw is a high-damage cliff tower. What fun! A whole new vision jumps up before the formerly deceived.

Outlaw [Tower Defense Simulator Review]

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