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Future University. Just another brick in The Wall Much of Samsung's presentation at the event revolved around the idea of MicroLED being modular - and thus, can be made into any number of shapes and sizes. So, are you ready to shell out for a TV that costs as much as our house?

Want more CES highlights? It is also where you can assign colors and textures to different parts of your building. You may create a scene from scratch, or use an existing image as a template to trace over. This image can be, for example, a 2D laser scan of a building. Click here to get an example floor plan, then proceed as follows:. Click on the Import button.

Samsung shows off a inch modular TV called 'The Wall': PHOTOS - Business Insider

The Import Image dialog will come up. Step 1: Choose the image you previously saved on your computer and click Next. If we knew the resolution, we could directly type it in the dialog and click Ok. In this example we don't know the resolution, but we know the real-world distance between two points in the image for example, the top wall of 7.

As you move the mouse, an orange line will appear as shown below. Now type the distance in meters in the dialog 7. The resolution will be automatically calculated for you based on the line you drew.

The planned wall of 1,000 miles began with a single — and vague — statement.

Tip: Once you've added more levels, you can import a floor plan for each by repeating the same process. Trace all walls on the floor plan as follows. Keep in mind that we will attach windows and doors to the walls later, so here you can draw the walls over them.

Don't worry too much if the walls are not perfect, we will edit them later. As you move the mouse, the wall's length is displayed. Tip: You can right-click or press Esc to cancel drawing the current wall segment. To override this, hold Shift while drawing.

  • Open the Building Editor.
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On the Palette, click on Window or Door. As you move the mouse in the 2D view, the feature to be inserted moves with it, as does its counterpart in the 3D View. Tip: Windows and doors automatically snap to walls as you hover over them.

The distances to the ends of the wall are displayed as you move. Tip: It might be difficult to see where the features are on your floor plan after the walls have been drawn on top of it.


To make it easier, at the top of the 2D View, you can choose to view or hide the floor plan or features for the current level. You can also use hotkeys to toggle visibility, F for floor plan and G for features. As you move the mouse in the 2D view, the staircase to be inserted moves with it, as does its counterpart in the 3D View. We're pretty much done with Level 1. Let's add another level to our building so our staircase ends up somewhere. Alternatively, right-click the 2D View and choose Add a level.

When a new level is added, a floor is automatically inserted. If there are stairs on the level below, a hole above the stairs will be cut out from the floor when the building is saved. Tip: Before adding a level, make sure you have walls on the current level to build on top of.

Tip: Currently, all the walls from the level below are copied to the new level, with default materials. No other features are copied.

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You can manually delete the walls you don't want. Note: Be careful when editing your building; the editor currently has no option to undo your actions. Since we added a level, we were brought to the new level in the 2D view.

We’re going to need a bigger house

You can go back to Level 1 by choosing it from the drop-down list at the top of the 2D View. Tip: The level currently selected in the 2D View will appear as semi-transparent in the 3D View and all levels below it will appear opaque. Levels above will be hidden - but keep in mind they are still part of your building! You may have added levels that you don't want, or perhaps made a mess in the current level and would like to start it over. To delete the current level, either press the - button at the top of the 2D View, or right-click and choose Delete Level.

Double-click a wall in the 2D View to open an inspector with configuration options. Alternatively, right-click and choose Open Wall Inspector. A veteran journalist whose news articles and analyses have run in dozens of news outlets across the globe, Bridget first came to Washington to be online editor and a foreign policy writer at The Hill.

Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through

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