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She has many surprises in her future but I got my HEA. Jul 21, Missy rated it really liked it. A wonderful read The continuing drama in Jacobsville keeps unfolding book after book so you get to know everyone, just like in a small town. She makes memorable characters that you just can't forgot along with a sweet charming love story.

Dec 29, Amanda S. Well, I was expecting some mean hero and cry-baby heroine, but overall I liked it. Hayes isn't exactly like Diana Palmer usual character, he's sweet and polite. I kind of crave for mean hero and angst storyline and I don't think this book deliver both. But it's good, I enjoyed it. Too bad it isn't really Diana Palmer style.

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Aug 13, Heather rated it liked it. Good read, getting tired of this story line. May 25, Rhonda rated it really liked it. A lot of tough guys live and work there. The description of the book is misleading for me. Or maybe it went over my head and I missed that part. It has happened to me before. There are a few love scenes towards the end of the book. Lots of drama and some action. Some interesting characters. Some good, some bad and some really bad guys. And one big iguana. Sheriff is home on his ranch when he is shot.

He never saw the shooter, but he had his phone and was able to call When he woke up the doctor told him it would be awhile for him to heal from this bullet injury. He could not stay home alone and they could not get anyone to stay with him because of Andy. His six foot iguana that hated females. Hayes has no relatives, his housekeeper is out of town nursing his sick sister. He has one choice and he is not going to like it.

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Minette Raynor is raising her little brother and sister. She also lives with her Aunt.

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Minette runs a newspaper and Hayes hates her. Hayes blames her for his brother dying of drugs during high school. She has never touched drugs or partied. She never gave drugs to his brother. She offered to let Hayes stay with her family and recuperate on her ranch. Hayes knows a secret about Minette that he promised his father that he would not tell anyone about it.

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It was not anything that Minette did but it is why he blames her for his younger brothers death. Now that secret would be coming out and would be dangerous for Minette and her family it could also save her family. Minette and her Aunt are good cooks and Hayes loves to eat there cooking and it softens his attitude towards Minette. He also realizes that it was not her fault for his brother's death, She is a good mother to her younger sister and brother. Who are cute and like to be with Hayes. There is a new drug lord from Mexico that is moving into Jacobsville.

He is not wanted in the U. He has lots of enemies and brings danger with him. If you are a fan of Diana Palmer's you will enjoy reading Protector. I look forward to seeing what happens next in Jacobsville it is getting interesting there. I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when finished reading by Netgalley.

His brother had been the only family he had left in the world. Hayes, a long, tall and serious Texan, has long been suspicious of the blonde-haired, bright-eyed Minette Raynor, who is both mysterious and beautiful. And now he's convinced that Minette was involved in giving his brother the drugs that killed him. As far as Hayes is concerned, neither her looks nor anything else will stand in the way of him righting what is so very wrong.

His investigation of her is a nuisance, but as an undercover DEA agent, that's the least of her worries. Until she finds herself in great danger, and he's the only one who can save her. Can she count on Hayes believing the truth-and saving her life? Jun 17, Rita rated it liked it. Minette has had a crush on Hayes for quite some time, but Hayes has hated Minette ever since his brother died of a drug overdose because he blamed her for giving his brother the drugs that killed him.

Of course, everyone in Jacobsville knows that Minette had nothing to do with his overdose, and deep down, Hayes knows Protector is the latest Long, Tall Texans book by Diana Palmer. Of course, everyone in Jacobsville knows that Minette had nothing to do with his overdose, and deep down, Hayes knows that too. When Hayes is shot, there is no one available to help take care of him.

All of the women in town are afraid to enter his house because of his pet iguana, and he has no relatives except for a distant cousin; so, Minette offers to let Hayes stay with her and he accepts.

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As others have said, the description of the book is definitely misleading. I also did not see any mention of Minette being an undercover agent. It seemed like things happened, were resolved, and the main characters got over them fairly quickly. No hard feelings. No stress.

No trauma. No nothing. I guess it was just sort of bland. Jul 18, Sue rated it did not like it Shelves: cr. In her previous books this has not been a huge problem because the romance overrides this. In this book of hers much more of it was spent as a social and political commentary and she spends a significant amount of time acting paranoid about security and people watching everything that everyone is doing.

I thought this book was paranoia filled, with a huge dose of disrespect for the legal principles of the country. I finished this book but I just could not handle the huge amount of commentary. I also thought the main characters had taken a strange turn for innocence by refusing to curse, refusing to even consider any relations until marriage, and refusing to like anything that was mature like all of them were obsessed with cartoons, what?!

I was really disappointed in this book, I haven't been this disappointed with her previous books, some of her previous books are some of my favorite books, but this one was really strange, it is definitely not worth the read.

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Sep 26, Tammy Santiago rated it it was ok. Diana Diana Diana what has happened to you darlin. I know people will read this review and Say something catty like quit reading her books if you dislike them so much.