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It comes from the ending of City Lights by Charlie Chaplin, which I think is the greatest romantic comedy ever made. It's a touching film from and I would make it mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to learn to tell a story. The scene we're going to be breaking down comes from the very end of the film, so if you haven't seen it, I don't want to spoil it for you. Go watch the film. You should just buy the Blu-ray, though. You're going to want to revisit it. For those of you familiar with the movie, or for those of you who are going to ignore my pleas to watch it and go ahead with this post anyway, I'm going to set this clip up a bit before you watch it.

City Lights tells the story of Chaplin's Tramp and how he falls in love with a blind flower …. Read more. Anatomy of a Scene: The Third Man. August 03, It's time again to break down a classic scene. One that's well-written and, in my view, a fine example of excellent craft. It blends the best of Orson Welles as he's in the film and drives this scene and Graham Greene, who wrote this particular screenplay. Before we get to the scene, we need some context. Penniless, without a friend or reason to be in the country, h…. Those Meddling Kids. Stupid Flanders.


We Play For Bacon. Pedro and the Dynamites. Liberace in a Can. Battered Shrimp Hotline. Go Big or Go Home. Enigmas of the Mystical. Mid-Life Crisis.

Pub Quiz Trivia: Volume 5 - Wildcard Trivia

Go With Your Gut. It's on the tip of my tongue. Green and Yellow Submarine. Stalley Cats. Hello Neumann. Rogue One. Birthday Babes. Taco Salad. The Short Bus.

Pub Champions Trivia League Championships

Second Last Place. The Gary Garcia Experience. The Ballz. Don't Call It A Comeback. Up Your Ask. Boogaloo Shrimpo. Two for the WIN.

QuizzaMe Tournament Final Series

Thunder Down Under. Better late than pregnant. Degeneration X. Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap. Electric Sliderz. Bananas Chaucer.

Trivia Quiz • The Big Little Pub Quiz • Green Apple Edition (5 Rounds with 5 Questions Each)

Please No Hintz. Dopey Forever. Circles are pointless. The Burbs. The BBC Refugees. Team America.

Red Hot Trivia Peppers. Diehard Dolores. Menace to Sobriety.

Does this barstool make me look fat? John Wayne Gacy's Clown School. The Nimrods. Foxy Knots. Body By Leinenkugel. Space Rangers. Hodge Podge. Impotent Teamsters. Salty Crab Cakes. E is for Idiot. The Geek Freaks. The Penultimates Yeah Jeets!!! Generations Collide.

Last Year's Tournament

The Chimneybirds. The Big Libowsky's.

Gail's Tattoo. Too obtuse to be right. Team Shenanigans.

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Liquid Diet. Parents Night Out. Group Spaghetti. Knowledge Whores. Blond Ambition.